Strip Decoupling

Linear decoupling is a vibration isolation option for buildings with strip foundations. The width of the foundation should be such that the elastomers are used optimally by the loadbearing area to make sure that the best isolation effect can be achieved.

An alternative option is strip decoupling on the rising walls underneath the basement ceiling. With this method, it is also possible to do without vertical isolation of the exterior structural components towards the ground.

The adjoining structural parts, such as ceilings on top of the structural part, must be sufficiently rigid to avoid vibrations of the structure. Installation can be done either with in situ concrete or using prefabricated parts.

To prevent the penetration of concrete slurries into the elastomer, the latter should be protected by a PE foil with a thickness of at least 0.2 mm.

Graphic Strip decoupling of a building foundation

Strip decoupling of a building foundation with Regupol®/Regufoam® vibration damping material:

  1. natural surface
  2. impedance plate
  3. Regupol®/Regufoam® vibration isolation
  4. foundation plate
  5. basement wall
  6. floor slab