Impact Sound Insulation under Screeds

Manufactured from recycled materials and with an environmentally friendly production process, Regupol Acoustic Middle East’s isolation systems provide additional credits where LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Leadership Design) is concerned.

Regupol® comfort is a high quality underscreed solution made out of selected micro-cellular polyurethane elastomers with highest impact sound insulation performance, especially designed for constructions without suspended ceilings. Regupol® comfort is largely moisture-, age- and deformation-resistant, permanently elastic, but protect against large volumes of water.
Areas of application
constructions without (suspended) ceilings
Regupol® 7210C Acoustic Resilient Layer is a cost-effective rubber bound product manufactured from recycled materials. Regupol® is compatible with all types of floor screed; this high performing isolation solution delivers superior impact and airborne performance.
Areas of application
Apartments, Hotels, Retail, Education Buildings