Regupol® Sonus HS 3mm, 5mm

Product Details

Regupol® Sonus HS is a SBR tire rubber underlayment designed to reduce the passage of impact transmission caused by people walking and can be installed under ceramic tile & stone, carpet & carpet tile and hardwood flooring.

Regupol® Sonus HS can potentially qualify for up to 8 LEED points.

Regupol® Sonus HS 3mm, 5mm

Features & benefits

  • Regupol® Sonus HS offers impact sound improvements up to 20 dB depending on construction and floor covering (lab and field tests in accordance to ASTM standards can be provided upon request).
  • IIC rates between 50-70 dB available
  • STC rates between 54-63 dB available
  • Regupol® Sonus HS is made from recycled SBR tire rubber – GreenCircle certified can potentially qualify for up to 8 LEED points.
  • resistant to ageing and deformation
  • undergoes minimal creep, even under high loads
  • quick and easy to install
  • compatible with alle types of subfloors
  • manufactured from fully recycable materials

Physical Information

Sheet length2,250mm
Sheet width1,150mm
Material thickness3mm & 5mm
Different thicknesses upon request.