Technical Services

From specification to installation

For Regupol Acoustics Middle East – or RAME – achieving superior acoustic performance is dependent on more than just an acoustic control or impact sound product; the process starts with effective design and ends with a quality installation of a relevant and high performing sound installation, acoustic or vibration control system. RAME understands this and has therefore developed a service offering that closely follows this critical success path, setting Regupol Acoustics Middle East from any other acoustic product provider in the Middle East.

Providing an in-depth technical service at every stage, Regupol Acoustics Middle East ensures that all acoustic, vibration or impact sound systems are effectively designed and installed with on-site support.

As well as providing access to market-leading acoustic, vibration and sound control solutions, RAME offers a competitively priced and full installation service on all products supplied.

In addition to project support, RAME also offers a range of free technical seminars, aimed at those responsible for the design and installation of acoustic systems. Offered to architects and contractors, these seminars have been developed to provide professional development on acoustic systems best practice. Seminar modules currently include ‘Acoustics in Construction’, ‘Controlling Impact Sound’ and ‘Anti-Vibration: the basics’.